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We Ask These Questions of Everybody

Jan 2021, contemporary opera based on a PIP assessment

I'm delighted to be working with HERA and  composer Amble Skuse on the opera "We Ask These Questions Of Everybody". They describe it best:


Hannah needs help. She meets Lynn. Lynn works for a company that works for the Department of Work and Pensions. An assessment takes place. And then something else.


This is an encounter between two women, an audience, and a riotous chorus of disabled voices. With text drawn from real conversations; samples, soundscapes and singing; and interactive software; WE ASK THESE QUESTIONS OF EVERYBODY shares radical, surprising and utopian disabled perspectives on self, society and the body.


This is a 50-minute live and digital operatic event sharing disabled people’s experiences under austerity in the UK, performed by an exceptional cross-genre, all-disabled ensemble.

Watch! Stream luntil 28th Feb:

More info here:

Steph West & Paul Rademeyer playing electro harp and drums

Electroharp, drums & voice project

Grooves, loops & songs with Paul Rademeyer

I've sung with the harp for a long time, using my acoustic harp to make an entire world for my audience. Playing an electroharp gives me the volume and scope to play with a drummer, opening up many new sonic possibilities and places to play. It's a trip to the pop, blues and jazz side of things, with a few favourite folk songs thrown in for good measure. We're also starting to use a loop pedal to get more out of the harp. No recordings yet but plans being hatched..

FIRST FOLIO - (c) Paul Blakemore - small

First Folio

English dance music reimaging with Matt Coatsworth

First Folio was created by Matt and I from a shared love of improvisation and early English dance tunes. I love fiddle and harp as a combination and we have lots of scope to explore. Have a listen to our first EP, Duchess via bandcamp below.