Ceilidh and folk / trad harp

I love playing folk music and calling for ceilidhs: there's an energy and vitality that reaches audiences no other way. It's where I first found my musical identity and confidence and a style I still love to play now. Trad harp is great fun and very varied. The two styles I play in most are Irish and English.  I've been calling for ceilidhs since 2011 and I can honestly say I find it excellent fun. As a caller for weddings and events I like to make my audience laugh and feel good as well as teach them a dance or two.

Ceilidh bands I work with:


Festivals / residential centres / organisations where I've run trad harp courses:

  • Halsway Manor

  • Benslow Music

  • Edinburgh International Harp Festival

  • Clarsach Society