Sometimes the best way for your pupils to learn something is not through you! I’ve been having a hunt for online games for reading and key signatures, levers for keys on harp. These are my current favourites:

Staff Wars
This is just so much fun. Available as an app on multiple platforms or as a game on your computer, this easy to customise game has been a hit for note learning and getting your note reading fast. As long as pupils know their notes fast enough that the game isn’t stressful for them, this is a big plus.
There’s so much great stuff here. This is the free to access site from the creators of Tenuto, another app system. Have a browse through for yourself, and if you’re a teacher spot the link to customisable versions of the tests at the bottom. Super handy. The most useful tests for my pupils at the moment are:

Note names (great for pupils needing to take a more gentle approach)
Treble clef starter
Bass clef starter
Both clefs and all the leger lines!

Key signatures:
Major key signatures for harp (Eb major to E major)
Minor key signatures for harp (C min to C# minor)
Now, there was nothing other there for levers on harp. So I had a hunt for customisable educational games and found I’m just starting to use this with my pupils so it’s a bit of an experiment! If you have an feedback let me know.
Harp keys and levers for major keys
Harp keys and levers for minor keys

The best bit is these are all FREE or very close – Staff Wars in £0.79. Enjoy.