What do you do if you’re a folk harper but live in England where there is no folk harp tradition? Learn the tunes around you, that’s what. Whilst the folk traditions of England are rich and varied they can also be hard to find so here’s made you a map! Find festivals near you, find centres to learn about folk music and spot which are your local music and dance traditions.

There are loads of online resources for folk music. Here are just a few. Let’s start with online tune libraries:


Historical resources, more often in print:


Really handy tools:

  • FolkTuneFinder – don’t know how to search by ABC? Don’t worry! Enter your notes by keyboard here – www.folktunefinder.com/
  • Concertina.net Convert-a-tron – turn ABC into MIDI or score – www.concertina.net/tunes_convert.html
  • tunepal – via app or website, play the first section of the tune, it gets analysed and you get the most likely result N.B. Works best for Irish tunes – http://tunepal.org/