‘already a massive hit with audiences throughout Britain’ Irish Independent

‘charged with humour and emotion… I recommend you experience Journey to the Fifth Province’ The Craic is Back Magazine

‘a journey to the centre of Ireland’s cultural heart’ Irish World

‘It’s a real privilege to see a production of this quality’ Chris O’Malley, Director, Irish Arts Foundation

Donal Cox invites the great poets of Ireland to open unusual windows on life and guides us on a magical trip that enables us to connect with what W B Yeats called “the deep heart’s core”.

Here Ireland’s writers – who’ve long made reference to a Fifth Province located somewhere other than the everyday world – bring to life a host of compelling stories and characters in a feast of language, humour and emotion. Brilliant and exciting harp music accompanies us on the journey, provided by Steph West and Harriet Earis.

www.fifthprovinceproductions.org.uk Devised by Donal Cox, with Liz Newbery.