Why come to Harp Club?

Playing in a group is often the best bit about learning a musical instrument. It’s great fun making something special happen together and the music can be really exciting. We can make dramatic sounds in an ensemble in a way that we just can’t as soloists.

Often, playing in a group motivates a student to keep learning their instrument longer than if they were only learning on their own. A group gives you a reason to practise and improves your playing and musical skills whilst it does so. Groups are fantastic for improving rhythm skills.

Lastly, group music can give you a chance to practise social skills within a group: taking turns, cooperating, listening, having the confidence to speak. It’s a team game.

What music will we do in Harp Club?

We will spend our first half working by ear, learning traditional tunes and songs from many different cultures. In the second half we will work on ensemble pieces by using score. Both musical methods bring different strengths and let us do different things, I wouldn’t be without either of them.

Who: any harp student aged 8 – 18 who has done at least one year, up to grade 5 standard
What: harp ensemble, with some music by ear, some from score. Two slots each time for short solo performances.
When: 31 March – 28 April – 26 May – 7 July, 2.15pm – 3.45pm (set up 2-2.15pm)
Where: Flo’s – The Place in the Park, Rymers Lane, Oxford OX4 3JZ
Phone: 01865 587611 https://www.flosoxford.org.uk/
Parking: you can park for free on Rymers Lane. You may have a short walk back to the community centre.
How much: £13, or £10 if you are a member of the Clarsach Society.
Booking: email Steph in advance to book your place (steph@stephwest.co.uk)