I have bought a new harp to do up…

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The only problem with being a left handed harp player, is that when harp pupils come, your instrument is the wrong way around for them! So I bought a secondhand instrument which needed a bit of love, and I’m gradually doing it up.

Buy a tuning key that fits the pins (useful for other reasons as I also have lots of pupils with camas harps)
Gather all the bits and pieces you need

Today I am taking a note of all the string diameters on the instrument. The exact diameter / gauge / thickness of each string is really important: it is one of the four variables that determines the pitch of the string. Ideally you want to achieve each pitch with the same tension on each string – it makes your harp much more playable. You also don’t want to over tension the instrument as a whole, it will break it. Each harp sound board is designed to take a certain strain, if your new strings put more on than that then it will gradually pull the harp apart.

Next stage:
Figuring out the new stringing pattern