We had the great fun of devising the title music for Jon Snow’s Paralympic show. If you missed it you may just catch it here:


I’ve been working on an a recording, just me singing with the harp. Hopefully it’ll be done in the next month or so… watch this space! The first gig where I hope to have CDs will be in St Albans on the 5th Oct with the Tunesmiths, who will also hopefully have a new EP to share.

I’ve had a long held ambition to play the flute but never focused on it because my hand appeared to present too many problems. Aged 15, I got stubborn and decided to do it anyway, but since my finger was amputated I’ve never been able to seal the holes / keys  well enough. Over a decade later, I had the great fortune to meet flute maker Tony Millyard through social music making. He happily agreed to take the project on and we started developing a prototype back in September 2011. The first working model arrived in February and was immediately loved. My final instrument arrived today,  and she’s beautiful. I’m so pleased.



We had a fun rehearsal last Thursday and Channel 4 came along to meet us. You can see their short piece here: www.channel4.com/news/paraorchestra-tunes-up-for-big-debut

Folkweekend: Oxford was a total blast, with amazing gigs in the Old Fire Station and Ashmolean. Nightshift reviewed us and have reminded me of many happy memories – you can read it below. Very touched to be called a local treasure, regardless of the sentence length.

This year sees the creation of the British Paraorchestra: the UK’s first-ever national orchestra for musicians with disabilities. Charles Hazlewood, conductor was inspired to start the orchestra after he discovered his daughter had cerebral palsy. Although fully able in daily life, I am delighted to take part in this project as someone born with macrodactyly, a congenital hand deformity.The first large-scale performance will be at Orchestra in a Field in Somerset, June 30th – July 1st 2012.

We’re gearing up again for this festival season, we’ll be at Sidmouth – Broadstairs – Towersey – Wallingford. Our next big event is our Tutor Doing Stuff and Training weekend, April 13 – 15th. Get in touch via our website to find out more…www.shootingroots.org

We had a brilliant time on Sunday with all 120-or-so Superstrings youth players, our 6 folkie soloists and Pete Flood’s new commission “Vici”. Bellowhead went on to play a cracking set afterwards, with Superstrings joining in for a second encore. Superstrings is a music charity, providing young people living in rural Wiltshire with musical opportunities. www.superstringsclub.co.uk

I’m delighted to play for a new show: Journey to the Fifth Province. Mixing spoken work, poetry and music; the show is an inspiring journey to Ireland’s mythical fifth province. Read more about my first night out with the team:

Last December I had the joy of playing for a friend’s debut cd and it’s now released. Very exciting. For more info and to have a listen, go to: